SAMVIDHAN LIVE: The Jagrik Project

Start Date:26-11-2016
End Date:26-01-2017

"Owning my Samvidhan – A game with the young, by the young and for the young!"

The Game begins on November 26, 2016.

Above 500 young people or 'Jagriks' as we call them (meaning aware citizens) will take on a journey of their lifetime to engage with the on-ground realities of our constitution. While playing a real life board game, these young people will endeavour to live, understand and own the constitution. 
These Jagriks will be hosted & mentored by 23 partner organizations across 15 states. In the process of the game they will also interact & engage with over 60,000 people asking them questions on their experience with the constitution.

To know more about the the initiative please visit the 5th Space section on our website or follow us on facebook/twitter @5thspace